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Life in 476 is a fictional written documentary of an alternate universe. Not taking a focus on a specific person, it highlights life in the city of South Newgle, a hotspot of activity in the world. Dialog is shown as colored text, with each person getting their own color.

writers (story and code)


  • Ellissa FletcherShe has no internet presence.

made with

all visual styles and components were hand crafted and not taken from any public library.


  • Tidbits to Tales - "Swelliot"
  • 17776 - Jon Bois
  • SuperHyperLiteral - James Veitch
  • every piece of fiction i've ever read


this series was originally written under the name DSV, but i decided to remove all published chapters and redesign the universe, but with very similar rules. the outcome is the more polished product you read today. the rewrite also was only planned to be only the month of june, naming it "june", but we decided to give room for more months and change the name to the year it takes place, 476.


  • Yes, the month order isn't chronological. Read it in the order it is released in.
  • No, you have to solve it on your own.

source & license

closed source; do not ask for source.
content on site licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

(you can share, remix, distribute, but no $$$, and must attribute and link back here)