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june 11th: an elaborate setup

Tonight is the night. The night where Skyler would leave this world.

Life is a game of cards. Some get a full house when they're born... I got two jokers.

He peers down the side of the Greentree building. It's 52 stories high, and a city block long. The building morphs from a four sided parallelogram at the bottom to a triangle at the top.

At the top of the building is a glass room that overlooks the city. A popular tourist attraction, but after the incident two years prior, people began to question it's integrity. Greentree faced a massive lawsuit, and was forced to close it. Now, it's used as a server room.

Skyler, wearing an makeshift worker uniform, a yellow vest and a hard hat, somehow convinced the receptionist to grant him access to the maintenance elevator to the roof.

This is it.

The roof is covered in work equipment. From carabiners to elastic bands, it has it all, for the actual workmen who come the 11th of every month for a checkup on the cell tower at the top of the building.

To the receptionist, Skyler just looked like another workman who needed to do a final check on the work of the actual workmen. Now at the edge of the building, he looks like a suicidal man who is about to jump off the hightest building in South Newgle.

Almost time. Everything's ready.

Skyler waits, continuing to peer down the edge. Making a show for the three camera drones on the north side of the tower. His golden blonde hair blows behind him. Gusts of wind blow, almost throwing him backwards.

He looks up at one of the drones, and begins to preach.

My name is Skyler Burns, a Year 6 Student. And I was mistreated by my parents... Andrea and Robert Burns...

Another gust of wind blows, making him take a small step backwards to prevent being thrown on his back, surely killing him. Smaller drones fly in the air, about the size of a small dog, carrying boxes and food to customers. They travel in a organized manner, following the one in front of them until they take a turn, and continue following the drone in front of them.

I was mistreated in school. I did not deserve the life I had.

People on the ground watch in horror, unable to hear the speech Skyler gives, until one of the drones point a laser microphone at him, and amplifies it to the point the entirety of South Newgle can hear.

Today, that ends. Let this be a lesson. I call for change. I call for a total reform of the government. I call for schools to stop and end bullying.

Muffled cheers from the ground reach Skyler. He pauses and smiles. His eyes never leave the camera.


He backs off the ledge and runs back a few meters. He opens a flare, and throws it off the building. The drone turns and follows it all the way down.

Here we go.

And as the clock turned to twelve. Skyler ran forward. And dove off the building. Feet leave ground. Body meets air. Limbs flail and distant screams on the ground begin to sing like a choir. The drone turns back up at the building to see a ragdoll Skyler falling head over heels, down... down... down... until he hits the ground. It doesn't notice.

Screams fill the air.
Bones shatter.
Flesh rips.
Blood spills.

People record everything on their phones. Many run in fear; it takes everything that the brave have not to run.

The drones fly off, unable to fly below building height by protocol. Hours later, the entire city is still quiet. Nothing moves. The dead corpse is left on the ground for three hours, until an automated street cleaner comes by and sweeps it up.

The deed was finally done. Skyler was free.

Is this actually what happened today? You're not messing with me?

Would I lie to you with such a serious incident.

Yes you would. But really? Damn. I feel sorry for the kid.

Hana reads the write-up more. It's detailed, something too hard to fake. There's even a few videos taken from the watchers at the bottom. She starts to cry.

I don't think I can do this. Get Chris for this report.

Death can have an effect on anyone, even if it doesn't seem obvious. Still, It won't affect everyone, and some people won't be affected by it. They may hear the news, but brush it off as whatever. Unfortunately, Skyler Burns' parents were a part of that group, and they wouldn't even notice his disappearance for a few days, to which they won't care, as they always have.