june 12th: windy landing

G'day Newgle Approach, EZ129 with you at flight level one zero zero.

G'day EZ129, turn right heading 240, descend to 7000, intercept the 26R localizer.

Right 240, descend to 7000, intercept 26R localizer, EZ129.

EZ129, be advised, you are the last flight for now. All incoming and outgoing flights have been diverted or canceled. You're the only ones up there. You might want to come down quick, there's a big storm coming in.

Oh no.

Both pilots look our their cockpit window at the big grey cloud with lightning.

EZ129, runway 26R cleared to land wind one two one at two one, gusting three four.

Cleared to land, EZ129.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Uhm. You might want to brace yourselves for the landing here. Uh. As you can tell we are experiencing a little bit of turbulence. Uhh. Landing may be a bit hard, just a fair warning.

we better not be late.

Alright lets do this.

Gear down.

Gear down.





Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah. Okay. Here we go.

A large gust of wind hit the aircraft, making it sink a hundred feet or so. Passengers scream. Alarms go off in the cockpit.

I'm going to have to disable assisted flying.

Wh- you can't do that.

This plane's computer is not designed to fly in this harsh of weather. This aircraft is overcorrecting itself, and it's taking everything in me to keep it on this glideslope.

They literally tell you in training to never disable the assisted flying.

Screw the training alright? You would rather die in a big fireball with practically zero chance of survival rather than having the possibility of escaping?


Harris reaches under the yoke, near the rudder pedals to flip a switch.


How do you even know how to do that?

EZ129, our radar says your assisted flying computer has been disabled from inside the cockpit. Are you alright?

We're good here.


I'm going to ask you to turn that back on.

No can do. If you don't want us to start a huge forest fire you're going to let us land with it off.

You   really   need to have that on.


You're not even close to the centerline.

Harris brings in the aircraft sideways to counteract the wind, alarms go off warning the pilots that they are losing lift. They start to sink.


Mooooooore Powerrrrrrrrr


Oh shit.


With a large thud and a little bounce, the back landing gear of the airplane touches down, and Harris brings the nose to be parallel with the runway. And gently touches the nose down.

Oh my god. Oh my god.


That was not butter.

That was the scariest thing ever.

Great landing EZ129, but there's a possible pilot deviation, I have a number for you to copy when you're ready.

Despite the rough landing, one so rough Wayne and Harris could potentially lose their jobs, they did land, and it's now unloading time. Airplane unloading is always slow and no one really has a solution for it, nor anyone really cares. Except now, Doug cares. He needs to get out the plane and swiftly to his next meeting.

come on come on come on come on come on.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Welcome to South Newgle. Uhm. As you can probably tell, it's raining pretty hard at 45 degrees. Please remain seated wth your seat belts on until we taxi to the gate. It should be about ten to fifteen minutes with the current weather. Uh.


So please be patient with uh us, and thank you for flying EZ Air.

The controller comes back onto the radio.

Hi. uh, i have one question for you.

what the fuck


This is Harris' fault.

I mea—

This is all Harris' fault.


This is all YOUR fault.

Well, when the time comes, you got to do what you got to do... at least you're still alive and not being burned alive in a fireball of jet fuel.

EZ129 contact ground 123.5. G'day.

Ground 23.5 EZ129, g'day.