june 13th: a week and you've done what

Acros pulls into the parking garage after leaving work for the day.

Any news yet?

He sits down next Mike who is at his computer.

Not yet. BUT. I think I'm on to something.

You've been at that computer for three days straight. Last time you said you were on to something, you found the public logs of the subway system.

This security is unlike anything I've ever seen.

Maybe because it's the government?

Everyway I've tried, I just can't seem to get in. The only way I would think I could get in to their database is with...

Mike looks up to Acros.

Acro, you work at the power station right?

If I'm thinking what you're thinking, absolutely not.


NO. If I cut the power I'm instantly fired. I might as well even be killed by the government for treason.


NO! I don't even have access to the control room.

Well get access then.

I can't there's no way. I'm just a technician. The only way I could shut down the power is if I...

There's always a way.

Acros this is our big chance here. We can learn everything the government has up their sleeve. You'll have Dan and Aria with you. Are you in or are you out?


Acros thinks for a second.

If I agree, what do I do?

You just shutdown the power to sector A for a split second, enough for me to bypass the security, and you turn it on and get out.

Acros thinks for another moment.

I'm in.

Great. You ready?

Wh— we're doing it now?

Yeah. Just say you forgot your bag there or something or left a tool there. You can take the van our back.

They drive out to the Power Station. etc

Alright. Acros, you walk in the front. Aria and Dan will meet you in the imports area.

Mike hops out at the front of the station, while Aria and Dan drive around to the back. Mike speaks to them through an earpiece.

Welcome back. I thought your shift was over.

The secretary was still at the station, as always.

Yeah, I uh forgot my bag in the maintenance room.

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure I saw you walking out with it when you left.

uh oh.

Sorry. I meant to say I left my book bag in the maintenance room.

Wow! Look at you. I didn't know you were into reading. What are you reading?

Well, I'm currently reading The Freedom War of 281: An Autobiography of a Prisoner of War. I actually find it quite interesting. Tell you what, I really have to get moving. We'll talk tomorrow.

Great move. Tell me when you're ready to cut the power. I've managed to hack the cameras to replay footage of the day before. You should be good for a couple minutes.

Acros unlocks and opens the side door and lets the gang in.

Hey bookworm. Want to show us where the switch panel is?

Here is is. Unfortunately. The switches are protected by this glass panel. There is a password. I'll just hack it. Uhm.

A. A. A. A... A.

Guessing passwords isn't hac—


A. A. A. A... C.

Acros, what   the      bloody hell        are you  doing.



She rams her elbow through the glass, shattering it.

I guess that works.

Now which one is it.

I dunno. I thought you were the one who worked here.

Master... uh... reserve... uh... APU... uh...

Acros runs his finger across all the labeled laser engraved plates for the switches reading them.

Ah yes. Here. This should be it. Sector A.

He lifts the switch safety cover.

Alright Mike you ready? Three. Two. One.

FLICK, and after a couple seconds,

the power to the plant shuts off.





Wh- what was that? You were supposed to shut off power to the government's sector, not the whole bloody grid. Just... get out of there. They're going to reboot the power and the cameras will see you.

On it.

Aria immediately runs to the side telling Acros and Dan to follow. She heads out of the room and swings around the corner like some parkourist. After a second she pops her head back around the corner.

Do you guys want to go to jail or not. Let's move.

Well I am gonna get arrested either way so I guess I'm coming with you.