june 15th: what else do i do

The nation's power hasn't been restored yet, so not much can be done. The economy has been halted with a single switch, as no transactions with Credits can function without power. That's what you get for "99.9% Uptime." During the night it's hard anyone to see anything, so there will definitely be some crimes out.


i've been totally slacking.

It's only "one chapter posted per day", and we've had how long to prepare? 3 months of actual preparation, and 2 more months of thinking little ideas. We're running behind schedule, and it's gonna get way worse if i dont continue.

but thank fuck for the AMAZING conditions right now:

Only an absolute idiot would decide to NOT finish the story.     Thing is, new ideas are hard. You can't just go: 1, 2, 3, idea, you need to have an actually good idea. Sometimes the count down and blurt tactic does get good results, but rarely.



1 2 3...

chapter about a power outage!

oh i am absolutely no—

So as you can see, we wrote a few things about a power outage. I really wish there was a better idea, but what else do we do when there's no time. In fact, i take that back, it's kind of a cool idea; Gives a twist that the reader wouldn't see coming usually, or maybe something they did see it coming.

Either way, we have a mostly finished chapter for the power outage. It kind of goes to a few of the 'main' characters and shows their life in a total blackout like the one we're in.

Also, i should point out how 100% essential it is to have a candle, a piece of paper, and a pencil. People, including myself, do it all digital these days, so i bet everyone else right now has to do NOTHING during this outage, when  i  can get actual things done, whatever actual means in this case. If you want to be real fancy get a printer, too; Make some hardcopy backups if you ever need them. And yes, i already printed out all the useful details for the story before the outage hit. They're not perfectly up to date, but it will work.

The last thing on the checklist is to have a nice indoors area to live in. It's raining so hard everything outside is going to drown. I love having this place I'm in. Don't even have to see the outside world. Ahh.

Now that that's taken care of, we need more chapters. I mean writing one chapter for a story doesn't mean a power outage will stop, are you out of your mind? Let's write some more!

cause being behind sucks so much. and frankly is not an option anymore.

What other ideas do we have? Maybe something around a supermarket, except they would be closed during an outage. Well we can skip to when they open back up, but until then, what's going to happen during the outage. It's kind of defined as a "do nothing because nothing exists" time.

Here's a Tip: don't do that.

I mean why would you want to write a plot line where NOTHING can happen. In fact, use this whole story of the example of what NOT to do. Well... it's not that bad, maybe just OK. Still, don't write in a do-nothing scenario.

But sometimes in reality you really do end up doing nothing, or something else as god damn boring as writing this overly ambitious story.

Let's just try to write something reasonable, alright?