june 16th: midnight trade

A few hours before most people woke up, the power was finally turned back on. If word got out on how it took over two whole days to reattach two wires and flick a single switch, the government would become absolute toast.

People of Aderas were starting to become very unsure of John as a good leader, since this was the first recorded country-wide power outage in all of history.

Almost immedietly after the cell towers were up, Acros got an angry text.

Why weren't you out at the station helping to fix the outage? It's an extremely serious issue when ALL of EVERYTHING goes offline.
We even got Stacy out here snipping wires.
AND GET THIS, she's saying how you probably caused it, too.
I'm sorry. I just didn't know I was assigned that day.
Assigned? You should've known, it was an emergency.
Listen. Stacy probably reported you to the government as a probably suspect. They're probably paying her to do it.
You're probably in some deep shit rn. I personally looked at the security cameras from last night, and I didn't see you during the outage.
Get this. They're using the auxiliary power to power the damn country. I know right? It's a temporary fix until the fix the main power line from whoever thought it was a smart idea to kill the entire power.
I mean, I was just grabbing a bag, and the power went off as I passed the employee door.
That's why. These dumbasses didn't even connect the camera system to the auxiliary power line. "Nonessential power use" they say.
Anyways, you might wanna check in with boss as soon as you can.
Alright. Got it.

Alright let's get this over with.

Names are usually to be confidential when these trades happen, so no one knows or really ever says the other's names.

Alright put it up.

Adrian pulls up the trading window, which is virtually projected between the two of them.


Uhm. What is that?

It's a White Painted, Red Velvet, Grade 7... like you asked.

Does it look like I'm going to fall for that. I asked for white not grey.

That's white. No?

No. It's not white... wait. No... like it's not white... or no... it is white— JUST STOP FUCKING WITH MY HEAD, you're shitty negotiation tactics don't work on me.

Dumb creator should of made it actually say the color, instead of some small square, showing the color. Oh wait, he's dead.

So do you want the hat or

OF COURSE I WANT THE HAT. What do you think I walked all the way out here for? I could lose a couple thousand credits, and make it up by selling a full painted set of Chef Hats.

Both parties confirm the trade, Adrian receives the grey hat, and Tim receives 3800 Silver Credits.

Nice doing business with ya.

Tim had been selling all the hats in his collection. He used to have an extremely large collection back in the day when the game started, but has started to value actual money over items he never uses. These days, the hats are worth so much more than before.