june 17th: hyper's new product

Hello everyone!

Jared walks out on to stage. He's the CEO of Hyper, the multiplatinaire technology and transportation company of the future.

I would like to thank you all for coming out to HyperConf 476. Thank you to the Greentree Building for gratefully hosting us this year.

Some cheers and claps emit from the crowd. Other platinaires, tech enthusiasts, and anyone else looking to get an insight of what Hyper has been working on for the past year. Tickets are expensive, but the event is an eyesight.

It's less of an conference, and more of a tech expo, with Hyper leading the show. Last year, Hyper introduced their new line of planes, to be released to the public. Every seat would be of first class quality. The crowd loved it. Unfortunately the airlines did not. "It's not profitable enough," they said. With a new CTO, everyone is very interested in what Hyper is announcing this year.

Some say it's another laptop model, other say they might make a drone. Nobody really knows, as they always go into tech markets that no one ever expects.

I hope you all took some time to walk around the expo center on the 38th floor. And now... this is the moment you have been waiting for...

The lights to the entire room dim, pitch black, not a word is spoken. A projector is started, it luminates the wall behind Jared.

Introducing... the hyperPhone Z.

People begin to clap, and a 30 second demo video plays. A young primary school boy uses a hyperTablet, when a mother comes, and replaces it with a hyperPhone Z. The child makes an overexaggerated reaction from receiving it. Then, the pricing screen rolls.

Starting at 2500 Silver Credits, an increase of 500 from the hyperPhone X released two years prior.

How bout that? I would like to invite CTO of Hyper, Samuel Warner, who will show us some of the exciting features that the hyperPhone Z has.

Samuel walks on to stage, and nervously grabs the microphone. It's clear to everyone that he's never stood in front of a crowd of 500 people before, let alone the thousands that watch virtually.

He-hey everyone. I'm Samuel. CTO. Wo-woah! Look at that!

He turns around and points at the phone on the screen, reacting as if just descended from a UFO. Most others aren't that impressed. The HyperPhone X already existed, and it looked almost the same.

That. Is. Amazing. After months of hard work. We are proud to announce the hyperPhone Z. You may be asking yourself. Why would I need another hyperPhone? I just bought one two years ago. Let me answer that question with a question. Why wouldn't you?

He switches the presentation of the phone behind him to show the stats.

This phone and the next generation of phones, will be embedded with the X9 processor, the strongest processor in a handheld device ever. With this power, you can run complex calculations, run realtime physics simulations, and much much more.

Clicks of cameras and shuffling of feet are the only sounds in the room. Samuel emphasizes big trigger words that the news will eat up.

The hyperPhone Z comes with 4k back side camera, and a 4k front side camera. For all your social media posts. No doubt all of you heard of the 6G craze in the news. The hyperPhone Z will be the first phone on the market to support the new 6G service offered by our, and many other carriers. Why 6G? Well. Have you ever wanted to download an 8k Movie in 2 seconds? Have you ever wanted to connect all your devices in your house seamlessly without any latency?

He proceeds to the next slide. Takes a sip of water, mutters something under his breath, and proceeds.

The new hyperPhone will have an extra eight hours of battery life, increasing the life span of a single charge to 36 hours.

"36 Hours" has a star next to it, pointing to some 1pt font text not even someone with a magnifying glass can read.

On the subject of batteries... we removed the charging port on the phone.

Some people gasp in the crowd. More photos are taken.

Not to worry, we are moving into a wireless future. As the previous phones, the hyperPhone Z will be powered with the next-gen wireless charging. This year it's now faster than regular wired charging by 50%, and it is proven to be seven times more safer than wired charging, rated by the TSO.

Another slide.

Tired of worrying about who's spying on you? The new HyperOS 16 will be the most secure OS for all devices Hyper. No more government. No more viruses. This will, only be available on the hyperPhone Z and the hyperBook 7. It will be released in 15 minutes after the talk here.

Let's send it back to Jared with extra details on the release.

Thank you Samuel. The hyperPhone Z will be available for purchase tomorrow. We are offering three colors. Black, white, and red. I'm going to close with this. The future is now. And it starts with Hyper. Good night everyone.

As promised, the 15 minutes go by, and HyperOS 16 is released. Main features include another UI overhaul and preparing the OS for the new features offered with the hyperPhone Z.

As with every release, hackers go to work trying to crack the OS. With the taunt of this OS being the "most secure" OS offered by Hyper, everyone is eager to the first zero day vulnerability.

Soon enough, not even one hour after the conference closes, and the OS releases, someone found a high risk vulnerability that affects user accounts. Ten minutes later, another vulnerability was found potentially allowing someone to remotely control and modify files on the phone.

So long for the more secure OS.


It's just the same old garbage but more expensive. Can you even afford one?

It's... not THAT expensive

No girl. We don't have jobs and won't for a while.

But I—

Joyce walks away, knowing she's in a pointless conversation with another idiot 5th Year. She wonders why she became friends with her, maybe because no one else would. She considers if Kayla is even a friend to her, or just someone she knows.