june 18th: weather forecast #5

Alright let's get rolling. Starting check procedure... Cameras!








Alright. Reporters standby, we are live in five... four... three...

Cameras rolling!

...two... one...

Tonight, officials have found two possible suspects in the recent power outage that hit hard last week. Also tonight, we hear from a small business owner, who had his restaurant broken into.

Good evening everyone. Today we start our broadcast with the most important information of the evening. Officials have found two possible suspects of the recent outage. We have a 31 year old male, who works at the Newgle Nuclear Power Plant. Reports say that the man entered the building at 2:23am with the intent of picking up something he had forgotten, but had not been seen leaving the building. No further details have been disclosed about his name or his whereabouts. The active plant manager has said that he has been recently fired from his job, despite concrete evidence.

The other suspect is predicted to be a 38 year old male with brown hair and glasses. He was seen pulling to the parking lot at 2:18am, and has not been seen leaving. An investigation has been started on these two suspects, more details to be released soon.

Thank you. Onto your weather report, Cory... take it away.

Thank you Hana. Well it looks likes it's gonna be a beautiful week coming up. Today expect partly cloudy skies with a 10% chance of light showers. For the weekend, it should be sunny, with some light clouds in the evening. Monday and Tuesday also look nice, with Wednesday being a cloudy day.

Alright thank you. After the break, we meet a restaurant owner, who had his restaurant broken into, and product and tools stolen. Also up next, we show you 10 ways you can protect yourself from the dangers of the internet. We'll see you then.

Five minutes of ads play, most of them are pharmaceutical ads. Nobody actually pays attention to them.

Live in five!

Welcome back to your daily news report. Now, we interview Lisa, owner of the small family ran restaurant, Lisa's Bar and Grill.

Last night, right here at Woodside and 12th, an unidentified man entered the restaurant, demanded to be taken to the back storage room, where food and supplies are kept.

Now Lisa, can you tell me what happened, and what you saw last night.

Yes, uhm. This man, walked into our restaurant, I was cleaning the tables at the time, he had a gun, and demanded to be taken to the back room. I took him back there, he scrambled through our storage closet and refrigerator, but ran out with nothing.

There you have it. Police are still investigating the security camera footage, trying to identify the man. He left the restaurant, running south, but was never seen since. If you have seen this man, please report this to the police by dialing 99. Hana, back to you.

The half hour of news goes by and the channel returns to a game show for another half hour.

That's a wrap.

Liam, can I bring home the rest of the leftover muffins in the break room today?

Yeah sure. I don't mind.

Everyone walks into the break room after all the cameras are shut down so Thomas can get to work on putting the episode to their archive.

Don't stay up too late Thomas. Also be sure to lock up the place by six.

Got it. Also can we upgrade our storage some point? You know with all this 4k video, the drives get filled up pretty quick. I think we're at 95% capacity.

I guess. If we can get the funding for it. Speaking of which, I'm looking into investing in some 8k cameras. I think if we do that then our viewers will be much more likely to stick around.

Uh... Liam... I don't think we have—

See you around.


Liam enters the break room and shuts the door behind him.


The door opens and Liam sticks his head in.

By the way, clean up your desk a little. No sane person needs five keyboards, two laptops, and five monitors. We have a safety inspector coming in next week.

Alright boys? Who's ready to do this?


Where are we going tonight?


Absolutely not. Did you not hear the news? The show we run?

Actually... I can't tonight... uhm... I got a doctor's appointment I gotta go to.

Awwww... someone being a chicken and doesn't want to be the designated driver for the night.

What? No. I actually have to go the doctor's. I think I pulled a muscle in my arm.

From what? Moving your arm and pointing to things on a green screen???

They all laugh their eyes out.

Don't worry about it mate. We'll meet up at The Lighthouse Grill next Friday? How does that sound?

Great... I think I'll be available then.

You betta be. You're our driver this time. If you don't, you're fired.


I'm joking.

Ight, imma head out. See y'all tomorrow.

Thomas opens the door to the break room and pokes his head in.

Hey guys, we might have a problem. Liam, you might wanna see this.

You're saying all of our data is gone?


Fuck. How could this happen?

I was just transferring all of our data onto the server from the drives on the cameras here in the studio, I got up, to take out the drives on the cameras that the reporters had just brought back, and when I came back, the main drive on the server had all of it's files gone. I'm currently on the phone with the manufacturer of the drives, seeing if there is anyway to recover the data.

One sec.

Liam walks toward the set and starts throwing equipment and raging.


The rest of the boys look out the window of the door.

That can't be good.

Well, I'm gonna head out as well.

Same here. See y'all.

Soon enough, only Thomas and Liam are left in the building.

You better get every single byte of data back by tomorrow, or you're fired.

Hyper's "Day One" report has come in, and only 70 people have bought the latest hyperPhone. It's hard to sell something new and better after you dominated the entire market with an older product that doesn't need a replacement.