june 19th: who wants to be a platinaire?

Another day, another recording session. XYZ Studios, the studio that films and broadcasts the somewhat popular television game show, Who Wants to Be a Platinaire, films five days worth of shows in one day, each day Monday through Friday one week each month.

It's an exhausting week, for the entire crew, but when the editor for the show quit. The producers begged him to stay until they could find a replacement for him. Without an editor, and an already delayed airings, ratings were sure to go down. The producers were about to scrub this month's recordings, until a highly experienced editor, recently fired from his previous job applied for a job.

This month, they had to delay the recording session until a Saturday, because the previous editor tripped on a cable, tipped and busted a camera, and broke two tripods, thus the reason for his resignation.

Thomas, still bringing in his equipment from the back, sets up on a desk designated for him. It's much bigger than the one he had at the news studio. He passed the interview with flying colors. Unlike the previous editor who could finish an episode in a day, Thomas could do three.

This was the last episode they were filming on the first day of recording. Craig, the host of the show, multi-platinaire, sits at the modernized chair across from this episode's contestant, Jakob.

Cameras roll, audio is checked, lighting is set, and filming continues.

Welcome everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your Friday evening on the 25th, and thank you for tuning into our show. Today we have Jakob Símon, a writer and father from Stonedel.

The audience applause on cue, Jakob walks out, and sits on the chair opposite from Craig. The audience quiets down.


Welcome Jakob. Before we begin, can you tell us about your name? It's such a off name, I've never seen Jacob spelled with a K before. Is it a Manguil thing?

Of course, Jakob knew this question was coming. They rehearsed what the filming session was going to be like before the show.

Yes, it was actually my father's decision, my mother didn't like it so much. Anyways, he thought it unique and stands out.

Very cool. You, Jacob with a K, will have a chance to win a whole platinum credit. Are you ready?

Very much.

Let's get started.

The lights dim.

Today you will answer 11 questions, increasing in difficulty as we progress. You have three lifelines. You can skip one and one question only before the last five questions. You can call someone of your choice to assist you with answering, and finally, you can eliminate two wrong answers. You will earn more money as you answer questions correctly, but if you miss one, you leave here with nothing. You can walk out of here any time you like, keeping everything you have earned.

Cool with me.

Let's play. The first question. March the 7th, the event first celebrated in 354, known as the Night of the Return of the Living Dead is celebrated every four years in which country? A: Andge, B: Manguil, C: Nuasia, or D: Vostaia.

An easy question. Everyone who's passed high school world history should know the question. Jakob, someone who grew up in Manguil, immediately knew the answer.

B, Manguil final answer.

He is correct. He celebrates in his seat for show drama.

You just won yourself 100 credits. Easy one. Let's continue.

Question two. What is five times nine? A: 7. B: 911. C: 1,000,000, or D: 45.

Another easy question. This time, it seems too easy. At first Jakob thinks it's a trick question. He reads the question and each answer carefully, as to make sure he didn't miss anything. Twice. Maybe even a third time. He knows he has to answer somewhat quickly, to not look like a complete idiot on national television.

D, 45, final answer.

Well done! You seem to really know your math. You just won yourself 1000 credits. You can stop now, or continue playing.

I think I'll press my luck. Let's keep playing.

Out of the 11 questions, nobody has gotten past question seven. Nobody except a cheater who had a surgical implant in his brian, connected to someone outside the studio. He was soon caught, and died soon after from the NeuroLink slipped, causing him to suffer from a mild stroke, bleed out from the head, and die from blood loss. The madman grabbed a utility knife and tried to carve it out of himself, only worsening the situation.

His sister claimed it was suicide to the news reporters, never to bring the fact that their family decided to cheat on a television game show that's probably rigged anyways, the autopsy said otherwise.

This is where things pickup... question three. Z. A: Z, B: Z, C: Z, or D: Z.

Jakob snorts a laugh.

What is this?

He obviously knows what this is. It's the purge round. The question where only the lucky go through. Luckily for Jakob, he has spent an entire winter and spring studying this round. To a normal viewer, this may seem like a one in four chance of picking the right answer. The show wants him to use a lifeline, in increase odds to 50/50, but Jakob won't play by this game's rules. Even the people who do use a life line get out the next question anyways.

From his data analysis, he learned that 27.5% of the time, the correct answer would be C. Not much of a increase in odds, but when all odds are against you, a difference of 2.5% is night and day.

Answer the question, and you win yourself 2,500 credi—

C final answer.

He cuts Craig off.

Looks like someone knows the answer... and you were...

He pauses for a long while, adding dramatic effect.


Jakob celebrates, a little more genuine this time than the last.

2,500 for you my goodman. Still want to continue?


Question four, for 5,000 credits is... Lachlan Pruitt, writer and showman of the third century wrote titles such 158, The Vox Populi, and The Final Religion. Along these, an unpublished book about the problems of democracy was titled what? A: You're Votes Don't Matter, B: The Issues Facing Democracy, C: Down with Democracy, or D: On the Subject of Democracy.

Another easy question, at least for Jakob. Almost everyone has heard of Lachlan Pruitt and some of his big writing pieces, but the producers forgot that Jakob himself, was a writer.

Down with Democracy, final answer.

Very well Jakob. 5,000 for you. Tell me, where did you learn that? You know, not many people would answer a question like that with such confidence.

I mean, I kinda studied famous writers for nine years of my life, and he was one of them.

Very well. Assuming you want to move on to the next question, yes?

Let's hit it.

Your question for 10,000 is... the old school method of primary school students learning how to multiply numbers, was ofter accompanied by one of these tables. A: Math Table, B: Times Table, C: Memorization Table, or D: an Analog Table.

I'm positive, it's either A or B, I'm not sure which.

He looks Craig in the eyes, Craig only smiles, and continues.

You do have, all three of your lifelines. Now, would be a perfect time to use one, of course, it's up to you.

It's fairly clear that Craig wants Jakob to use his lifelines. Most contestants by now probably would have used two or three of their lifelines. The less they have, the less likely the studio will have to pay contestants a large sum of money.

In fact, another trivia game show, on another network had a contestant so good, they had to rig the show, and remove him before he bankrupted the show.

Craig, I think I'll use my 50/50.

Alright. We're going to take away two of the incorrect answers, leaving you with a correct answer, and an incorrect answer.

The stage lights move around, and some sound effects play, and the answers C and D, are removed. Taking what Jakob said about knowing if it was either A or B, the producers thought it would be funny to remove the two Jakob knew weren't correct.

Haha. Uhm. Well. Not quite what I was expecting, but now I know C and D aren't correct. But I got to admit to you Craig, I lied earlier.

How so?

I meant to say, before, I was positive it was either B or C. Not A or B. So I say, B, Times Table, final answer.

Very well, let's move on to question six, for 50,000 credits is—

I would like to skip this question.

Very well. As you know, you will not earn your 50,000 credits this round, however, if you do answer the next question correctly, the you will earn yourself 100,000 credits. Are you sure you want to proceed?


Alright, question seven for a potential 100,000 credits is... What was the exact death count of the Aderian Freedom War of 281. A: 564, B: 565, C: 566, D: NaN.

Hmm. That's odd. NaN shouldn't be there. I think the answer there was 524. Maybe it was 586. Who knows. Just hope it's not the correct answer.


Jakob sits there for a minute, wondering what the answer would be. It's at least 500. They don't teach the exact amount in schools, mainly because no one knows the exact amount of deaths.

I just got word, that the broke answer in the bottom left is 557.

Complete guess, but, I am... going to go with... A, 564, final answer.

What made you choose that answer?

Not sure. Just a guess.

It seems like our answering system broke. I'm having a producer come out with the correct answer.

Why couldn't a producer tell you over your earpiece?

It's insecure. Important information like that would never be broadcasted over public frequencies.

A minute or so passes, before a man wearing a pair of large headphones walks out with an envelope, and hands it to Craig, and quickly runs off stage. Of course, none of this will be shown on television, it will be edited out.

And the correct answer is...

Quickly, without notice, Jakob reaches over both his and Craig's monitor and snatches the piece of paper out of his hands and swallows it.

You're crazy. You know we can just print out another one right? You're not just going to avoid the question by eating the answer.

Really? Then what's that on your monitor.

Craig looks down, and looks at the same thing Jakob saw when he reached over to eat the paper that had the so called answer. A red box on the screen shows the text: No Correct Answer.

Well played Jakob, seems you know this game well. Unfortunately, your time with us has come to an end. Your appearance will not be aired on television, and—

Why? I haven't lost yet.

We can edit the show all we want, but—

Just throw up a different question for question seven. It can't be that hard. Plus, in section 32, subsection 3, of that phone book of a contract I had to sign last week stated that a contestant can only lose the game when he or she answers a question incorrectly. Meaning, I haven't walked away yet... and I haven't answered a question wrongly, since there was no correct answer.

So you read the entire thing?

I did. Thanks for noticing.

Mind me asking what was the first sentence on page 2?

o h s   h i t.

It says, and I quote, "these terms are subject to change at any time, with or without notice by the host or show's producers."

Therefore, as of right now, the host can now decline the airing of any contestant's show with or without reason, and the host can now choose when the contestant looses. Effective immediately.

You, Jakob Símon, loose the game, your show will not be aired. Good day sir.

Jakob was soon escorted out of the studio by two tall and muscular security guards, earning nothing.