june 1st: the election

Today is the start of a big week. The vote for Lead Administrator begins. Every year during this week, people vote for a new person who will take control. With such a short term, new ideas from all sorts of voices, thus leading to further growth in the nation. Back in Arctic Times, the ruler was switched about every 10 years, and by someone chosen by the previous ruler.

In the past couple months, we have seen two main people run for the role: John Johnson IV and Sam Fredrick. Their hard work is now done, and now their only option is to wait and see what the people decide.

ugh, i'm not going to say it again.


She punches Fred to wake him up.

can i ever get some decent rest around here?

Well if you—

no, i guess i can't.

OK. You coming to the polls with me? Would be better to get it over with ASAP.

eh. i'll do it later...

Know what? After I went though all that effort to wake you up, you're coming with me. Get ready!

Fred questions why he shares an apartment. It would be entirely possible to skip all this nonsense and live on his own.

know what? if you force me to vote today, maybe i'll move to my own apartment.


Fred is the one who pays most of the money for this apartment, so stopping that deal is always his go-to negotiation strategy for her. Plus, having the extra credits means his life can be better, provided he can put up with his roommate. In return, she gets a place to live without being bankrupt. A win-win, most of the time!

ima have another hour of rest. i don't work today so it's all good.

Well... See ya!

She leaves the apartment.

damn finally she's gone.

He turns the TV on to some news, knowing she won't be back for the rest of the day.

A documentary of a universe, in a short time of extreme problems.

Are we live?

On air in 30 seconds.

Tip, don't ask if you're live, just look at the sign right there that says live.

Yeah Yeah, I just can't wait to get this over with.

3, 2, 1.

As the camera turns on, Hana's accent changes completely from the mess it usually is, to a perfected Newscaster's Voice.

Good morning, South Newgle. You're watching Channel 3 News, Here's the Overview.

As you all know, It's Election Week. The polls are crowded with people, as everyone wants to be the first to vote. Common advice is to wait for a different day to go out, since it's unlikely you'll get your vote in if you . It's too early to tell who is going to win, as the opinion polls we ran the weeks prior show pretty split views.

Two men found dead outside of SuperMart, identified to be Herbert and Lewis Stanton. Officials are still investigating the details of the scene. Signs point to some sort of poisoning, as the store owner said their cameras saw and picked up nobody else. More details soon to come.

and on to Cory for the weather.

How are we all doing in South Newgle? I sure am doing good. It's a great day to get out today with some clear skies with a 10% chance of rain. Our 5 day forecast looks amazing besides Monday with a little rain in the morning, but overall absolutely amazing. I bet the parks are going to be full of people.

Anyways, that's it for the weather. We'll be getting into some more of our top stories right after this.

Cory's gestures a transition to the Advertisement.

As the report said, the weather out is extremely good, but the weather is always extremely good in June. Saying it had no real meaning, but the things you do in that weather is what has the real meaning.


Waiting in voting lines for over three hours is certainly not the best choice of time during the summer weather.

Soooooooooo long.

Eventually, she got there.

Okay guy, where do I go to cast my vote that you'll just ignore?

Yeah yeah, right this way.

Every year, the voting process has always gotten more advanced. This year marks the third election with the new electronic voting system. It's supposed to be super secure with the whole Universal Identifier system that is said to be impossible to tamper, but there's always a way to tamper with something if you spend enough time; And even if there wasn't, you could always just make the results up.

She ignores all the new features of the new voting system and just gets the vote over with, choosing Sam and also some other random options. The time spent actually voting was about 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, two friends are trying to configure their old Navigator to give them directions.

Turn left on Lincoln Avenue, then turn left on 11th Street.

This thing is broken.

I'm sure it's rerouting us around the traffic. Just follow it.

Turn left on Woodside Avenue, and in a mile turn left on 9th Street.

See? There it goes again! We've been driving in circles for fifteen minutes.

Continue straight at the roundabout.

See how 'bout that? We didn't need to ask for directions after all.



Wh— we're not even at the school. A- are we late or something. It's never usually this packed?

Turn left on Eastern Avenue. In 2 miles, your destination is on your left.

It's always this packed on day 1. Everyone has the same mindset of "Let's get it over with ASAP!". I told you we should of—

Damn. There's really going to be no place to park is there.

It looks like you have turned right. Rerouting...


Oh. Right there. On your right.

She points to a metered parking spot on the right side of the road.


They pull up to the spot and slow down. A single motorcycle is parked in area meant for one car.

Those damn motorcycle punks. They think the entire world revolves around them. Those god damn sons of—

Let's... let's just find another spot. There has to be another spot right?

She puts a hand on his shoulder.

Yeah. I'm sure the only spot left is some spot at 6th and Woodside.

No, don't say that.

A few moments pass with them driving down Eastern Avenue, in the opposite direction of the school.

What the hell is this. What the hell is this?

He rolls down his window.

Hey asshole. You think you're doing the world good by double parking like that? Maybe you should get your eyes checked, because there's a yellow fucking line under your car. I don't know how you didn't see that. You probably failed school. That is straight disrespectful to everyone else who is looking for a parking spot on the day everyone is our of their homes and parking on one street. You're a real jerk, you know that right?

El, look—

Not now. This punk need to learn his lesson.

The man stands looking at the couple without saying a word.

You going to say something? Or are you going to chicken out like your whole life. You know what, I think I'm going to "accidentally" hit your car. Feel my wrath bitch.

El! Look to your right.

What? Oh... shit.    Was... was that parking spot there the entire time?

Victra nods.

Hey I'm super sor... wait where'd he go?

He sticks his head out the window.

He's gone.

Hey you might wanna...

Nononononononononononono... aw damn it.

A motorcycle pulls into the empty parking spot. The man on it gets off.

Oh you wanted this spot? Tough Luck, not giving it up.

The man feels a bit bad, but it's too late to give up the killer spot he found. Off to the long lines, which have shortened.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh what time is it?

Tori wakes up after sleeping in. School is canceled, as the polls being held there.

Great it's already 12.

The lines for the polls are always three or four street blocks long. It's usually best if you arrive early. Some people even camp outside the night before.

Hello. This is personal morning video log number 129. Today is June 1st, aka start of Election Week! I'm going to vote John. It was a tough decision, but it was between better healthcare and better teacher benefits, and I really do need the benefits. I know I woke up late, so I'll be standing outside for a while. Uhm. This is sixth, er... seventh day where I feel like I have no energy to do literally anything. Ah, I better get ready to go to the polls.

Tori shuts her hyperBook and puts it in her small backpack, and prepares to head out.

Tori is in the minority of drivers who doesn't use an automatic navigation system. She already memorized the majority of the city's layout, so there's no point in a device telling her that.

The lines for the polls have gone down quite a bit, but not down enough that she'll actually be able to vote before they close. Having not learned her lesson from last year, she decides to wait in the lines.

After a couple minutes Ivan turns around and realizes who's behind him.

ACK!- i-   hi Ms. Anderson, nice day right?

Ivan! You can vote?


I haven't seen you since last year, It's been so long! how has 12th grade been?


I really just want to graduate and continue with my life. School's sometimes fun but I'd really rather not.

You'd be surprised how many other people feel the same, but never say anything.


Yeah ok this line is not moving; You have fun waiting i'm doing this later.

He gets back on to his motorcycle, having realized the problem that plagues the city. It's such a simple problem, yet most people don't understand it: Not everyone can be first, and it might be better to just wait until there isn't such a rush.