june 21st: don't forget the extra spices

After school got out last week, Dale, Caleb, Teresa, and Alyssa decided to meet up at the Taco Place for dinner. Dale enters, late as usual.

What up gang?

Wassup boy. What's poppin? Long time no see.

Hey Caleb. It's literally been three days since school got out.


Looks like Mr. Loud Mouth got here.

Oi, who you calling Loud Mouth.


Caleb takes a seat, next to one of his best friends, Dale.

What's on the menu?

I don't know. Have you looked at the name of the place?

You must be fun at parties, Teresa.

Alyssa looks over the menu, which is less of a menu, and more of a single piece of laminated paper with the tacos they offer. Most people just go to the Make-Your-Own-Taco Bar instead.

What would everyone like to drink.



Iced tea please.

Lemonade. Thanks.

I'll be right back with those. I can also take your order now if you'd like.

Yeah all four of us will have the Make-Your-Own-Taco Bar. Right guys?




Alright. I'll be back with those drinks. Feel free to help yourself to the Make-Your-Own-Taco Bar.

The waitress walks away, heading behind a small wall where a soft drink machine sits. Everyone at the table gets up and heads over to the taco bar. Everyone except Alyssa got a hard shell taco, Caleb got way more salsa than he probably needed, and Teresa's taco is spilling meat.

By the time they all get back, the waitress has just set the table with straws, and just as she's about to walk away, Teresa asks her a question.



What kind of spices do you have?

I'm not sure of all of them. I'll have to check.

Teresa eyes turn into a death glare.

Bring all of them.

A- all of them?

All of them. Even bring the extra ones the cooks don't use from the second cabinet in the kitchen.

Wait how do you know which cabinet?

Oh. I mean. Just find the spices.

Alright. I'll be back.

She walks to another table. Seated is one man, who happens to be the waitress' brother. They're identical twins, but with different genders they couldn't pull any of the fun pranks they wanted to.

Hey rii

Oh wow how surprising.

She is not at all surprised. Every day Ria is working, Samuel has dinner at the Taco Place. Ever since he got the job at Hyper, he misses being with his sister, who he got along with very well. They have always been together, throughout all of school, and even though the four years of Advanced Training they took after it specializing in technology in hopes to apply to Hyper. Samuel got the job, while Ria did not, thus separating them.

Do you always eat here? Ever since AT you've always been here.

It's not every time! Only when you're here so I can see you. Plus, this place isn't busy ever so I kind of hide here away from everyone else.

Oh right, you're kind of a big deal, working at Hyper. How's that going.

It's all good there. You saw my speech right.

Yep, so did everyone else.

Their relationship after he got hired has worsened. She's jealous of him and her opinion of him has dropped.

Is that bitch gonna stop flirting with that guy. I want my drink.

Wait... That's Samuel Warner, the CTO of Hyper.

And the girl kinda looks similar to him. Faces look the same, and they even have dyed red hair.

Should we talk to him?

I just want my    damn    spices!

Ria goes to kitchen to write down Samuels order, and to get the drinks and spices. There's too many spices to carry them by hand, but she can put them on a large serving tray, usually meant to hold three to four plates of food. She puts the drinks on another tray, and walks out.

Finally, my tea!



Teresa, you aren't, right?

Obviously use all of them.

I don't think that's not included in the MYOT package, we'll have to charge you more.

Does it look like I care? It's gonna be fucking worth it.

While the rest have already started eating the tacos, with Caleb already finished his first, Teresa spends the next ten minutes crafting a masterpiece blend of every spice available. The Taco Place is known for their spices, but combining them has never been done.

For the record, you're crazy.

Honestly, this is more entertaining than half the stuff on WatchNow.

After adding at least 50 different types of spices onto a plain beef taco, she starts to eat.

It's really good. It's missing something though.

Oh right, I forgot salt! Haha ... My bad.

10 minutes go by as Ria comes back to check on the four. Alyssa immediately asks her.

Hey is that Samuel Warner over there also you two look really alike are you siblings?

I-    I- Yes, I'm his sister. I have a name, though.

👀👀👀👀       That's really cool.

She was upset that instead of being "Ria Warner", she's instead "Samuel Warner's Sister." She's held a grudge against him just because he got the job position instead of her. Samuel doesn't see her any differently though, making sure to always visit.

Anyways, how are your tacos?

Most perfect thing ever. I'll take the bill.

O- Okay, I'll grab that right away.

Teresa offers to pay the bill, in full, since she took so many spices. It's not really her paying though, but her large allowance she gets from her parents. She touches the scanner on a small device showing the total, and it detects her account and takes the 64 Silver Credits from her. She then tips 20 more Silver Credits with the touch of a few buttons. What an elegant system.

She also tips 20 Silver Credits to Ria, which is done as a direct transfer. People don't usually tip, but they do it's only for exceptional service, if they're rich, or if they're bored. This afternoon, Teresa was all three of those.