june 24th: amazing technicolor glasses

She clicks the button on her HyperPhone Z, and the glasses activate.

Woah... These are cool. (_)

Damn. AR and 3D projection technology has gotten kinda good. You look good, sis.

I know right!! Totally worth it!!! ()

They were using a revolutionary technology simply called the Hat Game. Created by the now deceased Henry B, it used an experimental technology that can create near-convincing holograms. Instead of making extreme changes in the game industry, he kept the tech to himself and made the item collection game now known as the Hat Game. Nowadays, they expanded to other clothing items, and new items don't appear often, so trading is the only way to get a specific item.

Where'd you get those?

Oh, I traded them with some man. He had like a whole suit of rainbow stuff. (°)

Si, do you have the hat game too.

Nah. I kind of do want to try it now.

ooh ooh I'll show you how (ノ)ノ*

Harmony grabs her phone from her pocket and unlocks it by pointing it at her. The facial recognition doesn't check if the face is in shock and can absolutely not read her mind which is not consenting to this. The phone instead sees that the right face is in front of the phone and unlocks.



i Can dO it mYSeLF

EEK! ..・ヾ(。)シ


'ey! No bar fights! You're disturbing the other people here.

There wasn't anyone else but the three of them. Sienna takes her phone back and installs the app herself.

Oh cool it's free.

Wha- ・。*   It used to cost 10 Credits. \(_)/

Guess they made enough money or something?

No. That asshole died. I'd bet it's free since he cant make any more money, just give it away.

Was he an asshole or is that just you being you, Aria?

Probably both.

As the Hat Game app has finished installing, she opens it up to a welcome screen.

Anyways, so to use this, I open the app. mmmm Initial setup uh Agree to Terms mm hmm Automatically scan your body to allow the 3D projection to work uh huh yeah annd... a... woaaaah that feels weird.

Ok it's done. You have unlocked a random starter hat. Hey is this any good?

Dunno. It looks neat. Robo-Visor [A Class], huh.

(」°°)」 That one's worth a Gold Credit~! Amazing Job°~・。!
why has everyone else gotten good starting hats (_;)

Seriously, these people are idiots.

Well, if you tried it for once, Ari, you'd understand. Plus, () 𝐼 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒶 𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊'𝓁𝓁 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒.

I'll do anything for you, sis.


But that.


Just let her have her fun, Aria. You don't have to become an addict to the game.





Aria opens the app store. Before she can even start searching the app her phone is snatched out of her hands.

oml sis           . you have a phone stealing problem.

Here's the app (ノ)ノ* now scan yourself~~

Scan my wh—

OW. Uh, hey next time could I be the one to press the button?

Within seconds, Harmony had installed the app over the ultra-fast global network, and skipped all the setup instructions, then forcefully put her sister into the scanning phase without warning. The scan isn't supposed to hurt, but it is very startling; Someone who isn't prepared for it would experience a slight amount of pain very suddenly. Henry B never described what "Scanning" actually did, and so far no one working at the HatCorp has gone through his uncommented and obfuscated source code. They just know it works.

And you got a ... ... . ~!!!! (⊙_⊙) !

SHOW ME MY HAT. -- A ... "See-through Blindfold [A Class]"...

Fuck's a blindfold for if it's see-through.

Uh ... "Looks like a Blindfold[B Class] but the 'block vision' trait can be turned off.". Cool.

This game has actual blindfolds.

Yeah. You can try it on with the blindness part by pressing this butto—

oml wtf sis i cant see

Lemme just...

Lemme just... okey dokey! Let's talk a selfie. (✿✯◡✯)♡


Woah a flower hat. Harmony, you're quite the hat addict enthusiast.


Wait can I do both?

She fiddles with her phone.

Yes (_)