june 25th: boys night out

Cory, you going to come with us this time or what?

Yeah I'm down. Where are we going again?

Lighthouse Grill, down on Avenue. Not too far of drive.

The Lighthouse Grill (not near a lighthouse), along with the some other restaurants around it, have been built within the last two years, many of them crazy expensive. Some charge upwards of 30 credits for a cup of soup. Lighthouse in particular has been attracting a lot of attention recently, due to it opening a month prior. It's already being voted as Best Restaurant of the Year, an important reward for restaurants.

Who's driving.

I will.

Soon enough, every one loads up into Cory's minivan. Derek riding shotgun, Tim and Zach in the middle, and Chris and Liam in the back.

Buddy, does that seat go up a little bit?

Tim has to bend his legs to the right the entire ride.

Deal with it ya' tall boy.

Cory drives away, heading down West Avenue to where the more modernized and developed part of the city is. More and more restaurants open each year, each seeming to get more expensive than the last.


There's actually no parking is there.

They spend a minute or two circling the blocks looking for some streetside parking, but eventually settle on a parking garage, a little far away from the restaurant, but it's not bad. A small walk down 13th Street down West, you're there.

Do you want me to get out, I can reserve a table for us.

You're just like my dad. Uhm. Sure. You know where it is right?


Chris gets up from the back, tripping over Liam and Zach as he leaves on the right side. Liam makes a big deal of being stepped over.

Ready? Phillip and Antonio, try to get a spot near the bathrooms. We'll try to do the same, and hope and pray that we get Sarah as our waitress.

Leo and his friends have gathered enough money to "dine" at Lighthouse, but more importantly, get to their target, Sarah Baker.


I'm going to need you guys to get her running as much as you can. I'll signal you if something goes wrong. Cool?

Cool. So can I """"""""""accidentally"""""""""" spill my water.

I'd say no.


We're going to go in first, join soon behind us.

Leo looks around the street. A lot of people are around, but it was a Friday.

Maybe after this man.

He points to a man walking from across the street.

Ruben, let's go.

Leo and Ruben walk into the restaurant, and get greeted almost immediately.

Hi, welcome to The Lighthouse Grill. Can I have a last name to look up your reservation?

We were supposed to make a reservation?

Leo you buffoon.

That's alright, we can sit you in the unreserved section.

Thank you.

Just follow me.

Leo and Ruben follow the hostess to a table made for two. Leo leans in close to Ruben, so only he can hear.

This is great. We're going to be in the same section.

Here you guys are. Your server will be Sarah, she'll be with you shortly.

Thank you.

She walks away to greet the next customer at the door.

What luck!

Time to shine.

You say it like it's some sort of performance.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Might as well be.

The two walk in, and have to wait for a minute or two.

Hi, welcome to The Lighthouse Grill, did you make a reservation online?


Leo didn't tell us about this.

It's all good, we can seat you in the unreserved section.

Alisha walks them toward the unreserved section. Phillip is surprised to see Leo and Ruben also sitting there.

He better of gotten us a booth. My back is killing me.

Why a booth? Why not a table? Tables are clearly superior...

Technically... tables—

Guys, Can we not have this conversation now?

The group of five walk into the restaurant.

Hi, did another man walk in here not too long ago. Kind of short. Blonde hair. Blue eyes?

Yes, he's sitting right back there.

She points to the big circular table where Chris sits.

I can walk you back if you'd like...

That's alright thank you.

...That's a big party.

I know right? And I think they're server is also Sarah. So this could work out nicely.

A moment passes.

Hi, I'm Sarah, I'll be serving you tonight, what would you two fellas like to drink.

Water please.

Yeah, I'll also have water.

Alright. I'll be back with those.

Eventually, Sarah returns with their drinks, and also serves Phillip and Antonio, and eventually serves the party of six at a nearby table. Some time passes before Leo gives the signal to Phillip and Antonio to begin their plan.

Alright are we ready to order?

Yes, uh, I'm going to have your chicken noodle soup.

erm... No entrée?


And you?

Can I just have a small salad?

Alright. I'll put those in for you. Shouldn't be too long.

Leo waits for Sarah to walk into the kitchen before downing his entire water glass in one swoop.

The actual hell are you doing?

Juuussst wait!

A few minutes pass, and Sarah returns to check on everyone.

Can I get a refill for you?

Yes please. And. I think I recognize you?

You do?

Yeah. Do you have a son who goes to South High?

I do.

Tyler right? We actually know him. He's really cool.

Yeah, And he told us how good this restaurant is.

Leo kicks him under the table.

Well, that's good to hear. I'll be back with your water.

She walks away, and then Phillip raises his hand on cue.

Miss? Can I have an extra fork? I dropped mine.


Phase two.

Sarah comes back with a fork for Phillip and a water for Leo. When she returns, Ruben continues.

Crazy power outage right? You know anything about it?

I uh... er... I don't, no.

She stumbles, thrown off by the question.

Must of been some mad man right? Who do you think did it?

I don't know. Heard he was fired though. Listen, I got a big group that needs tending to. I can't sit around here all day.


She walks away from the table, and this time, Antonio raises his hand.

Excuse me, can I get a refill on my water. Also can I have some lemonade as well.

Sure thing.

Oh and, can I have some sugar?

Er.. Yeah.

She walks away quickly into the kitchen.

Well, she did let it slip that it was a he.

That's something I guess.

What you think those kids doing in a place like this?


See those two tables of two kids each. They keep looking at each other. I don't like it.

Someone's oughta tell her.

Yeah I want to if she would ever walk back over here. Taking forever.

Sarah eventually returns to the boys, sugar in one hand, and a fresh water glass in another.

Excuse me? Sarah?

Uh. Yes?

You have to know something about the power outage right? Like why the man at the plant was fired.

Listen: I just work here. Maybe try asking someone at the plant.

Ruben looks over his shoulder, to see the table of six looking at them, pointing. Along side them is another employee, who also stares.

Leo, we should get going soon.

Sarah walks away.

Why now, we're enjoying the place.

Ruben leans in close.

This is not a part of the plan. Do not do it, but if you look to your left, the table of six is all looking at us, along with another employee here. We need to leave, now, before something bad happens.

Alright, shoot. Uh. Let's give the signal to the others, and let's get out of here.

Leo gets up from his seat, and walks over to where Antonio and Phillip are sitting. He speaks loudly, on purpose, to the other table can here.

Phillip? Is that you?

Leo? How's it going...

Man... I thought it was you. I didn't expect to see you here.

How are things post-school? Everything alright?

Not really.

Really? I mean... I can always help. Should I swing by once we're finished here.

Yeah sure why not. We reeeeealllllllllly need to get going.

Alright. We'll be there in a moment.

Leo and Ruben walk out the door, already have paid for their short visit using the payment system built into the table itself. While he was at it, he also paid for Antonio and Phillip.

A few minute go by, and the other two boys walk out of the restaurant as well, after putting on a show. As far as anyone knows, Antonio had a massive stomach ache, and had to leave.

Great. Did you get the info?

Kind of.

What happened in there?

We were being watched. They're probably watching us now...

We confirmed some of our suspicions. It was a "he" who cut the power...

However, we did not learn why it happened.

That was strange.

Probably just some friends meeting some friends. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I still don't like it.

Liam is laying in bed in his apartment, trying to sleep. The thought earlier today still is in his mind.

Those damn kids. Nothing seemed right about them. They didn't really order food, wasted everyones time, and then just left. Who does that? Maybe I am overthinking it.