june 26th: supermarket

Admin Johnson hasn't taken any significant action since the election. Normally, the Administration begins with their agenda as soon as they can. This year, almost nothing has happened since the 8th, and some citizens are suspicious.

Admin Johnson of Aderas doing Nothing?!

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We have all seen that Lead Admin John Johnson has done next to nothing for the nation. He has also had a vary low public opinion compared to Sam Fredrick. We've seen this same exact pattern for 5 years. Something doesn't seem right do me.

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I think you're onto something. Vince Hughes was hands down the best person to lead, then I felt like everything started going downhill from there.

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yeah wtf is going on with the country.

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I did a bit of research, and I've confirmed that every since Hughes left and Salas started, something did change. Matthew Salas had no prior political experience, but that fact was covered up completely. Same for the rest. How has no one noticed this yet.

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How has no one noticed this yet.
someone did but no one cared s//galaxy.social/t/conspiracytheories/bBC-nXj3Ng4

Mommmmmmm. Moooooooooooooooooooom.


Are we done yet?

Not yet. We still need to get butter and bread.


Alice looks back down at her hyperPhone 5. Old technology by many, but for a child, it's perfectly fine. She almost walks into another shopper.

Look where you're walking.

I'm sorry? What do you mean you don't have bags of dirt.

We're just a grocery store, ma'am. You can try visiting—

Don't you ma'am me. I want the dirt now.

Yeah sure. Let me just snap my fingers.

She snaps her fingers in front of Andrea's face. She flinches.

Hm. Where's that dirt at? Oh that's right. We don't have any.

You workers are so rude. I'm leaving a one star review. You just lost yourself a customer.

Wow! You think I could ever get another? Goodbye.

Andrea turns and walks out the door.

Across the front of the store, a man with a stopwatch walks up to one of the unused self checkout machines. Self checkout machines can be faster than actual cashiers and baggers, but many people say they are "too hard to use." Bradley is of a special kind, someone who pushes everything to it's limits.

He has a small basket of some produce, and some cereal. He takes his rewards card out of his wallet with one hand, and swipes it over the scanner in one motion. Instead of pressing the obvious "Start Now" button, he swipes the card to skip the first screen asking if you have the card or not.

Welcome valued customer, scan items one at a t—

He quickly reaches into the basket, one item in each hand, he scans each item and puts it into a bag. After tossing it into the bag, he reaches over and grabs another item, wasting no time.

Apples... two silve—, Bananas... three si—, Milk... four and a ha—...

Item after item, he scans each one roughly a second after each other, where there is a small window of time where scanning another item skips the dialogue. This saves him about a second and a half per item.

A few items later, he is finished. He places his hand over the touch pad meant for payment, before pressing "Pay Now" unlike many others. It actually skips the screen where it asks you for the method of payment, saving about three seconds.

The receipt gets sent to his phone almost immediately, and just like that... he's done. 23 seconds. Amazing.

32 Credits paid to SuperMart
Tap to see full payment details and receipt.

And the only full dialogue line that plays to the end.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Eight items... 23 seconds... that's about 2.875 seconds per item! PB!

Woah dad! Look at that. That man just bought eight items like SUPER FAST! Can we use the thing please?

Alright, sure.


Jose and Matt walk over to the machine. He swipe's his ID, and starts checking out items.

Welcome valued customer, scan items one at a time.

Cookies... four silver credi— please wait before scanning another item.


Unexpected item in bagging area. Please remove item before continuing.


A sales associate has been notified and will arrive shortly.

Stupid machine.

Jose eventually walks away from the machine, preferring and actual human rather than a machine. Matt leaves a bit sad, not seeing the machine performing all the way.