june 27th: missing nitrogen

During the closing hours of the J, the Bar Master is out front, cleaning the floor, preparing the next day. He runs the shop entirely on his own, without actually owning the store. His father owns the property.

He heads to the bathroom, setting down the mop, when a mysterious man in a black hoodie walks in. He wears a backpack and carries an old hyperTablet in his left hand, and a empty duffle bag in the other.

The man swiftly makes his way into the empty kitchen, and waves a keycard in front of a sensor. Soon, the door to in opens, and the man heads in. It's a large room with seemingly endless shelves with all sorts of materials, from various chemicals and food ingredients, to electrical commponents and tools. Near the enterance were 3 workbenchs, filled with papers and blueprints. There were also a bunch of whiteboards, with names of people, and the design of a weird machine.

The man knows what he's doing, and heads to the corner of the room, to a freezer, where large milk crates of small canisters of liquid nitrogen are stored. You need a license to buy them, let alone own and store them on the large scale that The Back stores them. He puts as many as he can, about 4, of them in his bag.

Soon after, the J finally closes for the night, and he heads down to The Back, noticing a note left on the workbench.

A blue sticky note, which reads the following: hey, had to borrow some of your nitrogen. don't worry, there's enough left for you to continue experimenting. your pal

Ugh, Not again.