june 28th: bingo night

Hello everyone! I want to thank you for coming out tonight, for South High's Week of Games. This is meant to be a fundraiser for our school and our summer activities, and would like to kick it off with a Bingo Night!

Events during the night will cost $5 for entry. Tomorrow night, we will have a euchre tournament, and chess the next. You can view the full schedule online on our website, including our events earlier in the day.

I would like to welcome Kelly to the stage, to kick off our Bingo night.

The crowd applaudes. It's an entire gymnasium full of tables and chairs. Every single one full.

Hey everyone! Regular bingo rules apply. Just call out bingo when you get five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Free space will be in the center of the board.

Let's start out with an I 16. Next, an I 29. G 53.

BINGO! Woooooooooooooooooo!

Ma'am we're only on the third number. Bingo is literally impossible.

Continuing, we got a G 50.


Did we get a bingo?

She points up at the projector. A red x and a buzz appear. Everyone has unique cards, but their cards are tracked to each person, to easily identify whether or not someone got a bingo using a computer.

Sorry, no bingo. Continuing, we got a B 15. Then a G 51. And an O 63.


Did we get a bingo?

Again, her card is shown on the projector. She only has two marked. A red x and a buzz are played.

Sorry, no bingo. Next, we got a I 23. Followed by a I 27. I 30. G 48. N 42, B 6, O 66.

Please call O 62. Please call O 62. Please call O 62.

O 61.


What the fuck.

Did he get a bingo?

She points up to the screen, and a green check mark is shown next to his card, along with a ding sound.

Congrats! You can stop by after this event ends, to claim your prize.

Wait prize what.

If everyone could pull out their card labeled "2" and we'll get started in just a minute.

Some quiet chatter starts. Andrea looks around, more intrigued that there's a prize up for grabs. Kelly talks to Joseph, more than likely about Andrea, and her false bingo calls.

Alright, let's start off round two with B 3. Next, G 56. I 26, O 67, B 12, I 16, I 17.


Everyone seems to be annoyed with her delaying the game. Her card is shown on screen, with nothing marked, except for the free space. The bingo is denied, and the game continues.

G 60, O 70, O 72, O 75, N 30, I 21, G 46, G 52, I 22, I 28.


Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop calling bingo unless you actually have bingo.

Again, her board is shown up on screen. This time, it only has three marks.

To the woman in row D, seat 3, we're going to have to ask you to leave.


Yes you.


Do we need to get security out here?

Nononononononno. I'll leave. Screw your stupid game anyways. You just rigged it so I wouldn't win.

Let's continue with a G 47. B 10, B 9, B 4, N 37, G 48, N 40.


Andrea walks out the back door, and to her car, swearing the entire way.