june 4th: #Coffee4Life

What brings you looking for a job here?

Uhm. I really like the coffee here, plus I'm in need of some money, and would absolutely love if I got the opportunity to work at my favorite coffee shop.

She makes on over exaggerated hand motion while moving her head in a circle.

Alright. Erm, Tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses...

Well... I feel like I'm a very charismatic person, and I can get along with anyone, my weaknesses... uhm. My weakness would probably be working under a lot of stress. not a ton of stress, but enough stress to... ... you know. Make me not... ... you get what I'm saying right?

Well. I think that concludes our 20 minute interview... and we are delighted t—

Yes!!! omg...

We are delighted to welcome you to the Local Coffee Shop team as a barista. You start Monday, and I'm sure Ian or Aiden out front would be glad to show you around. Ian is the tall one, Aiden has brown hair.

Thank you so much!!!

Anyway... here is your worker's card. You're gonna use this to get behind the counter and into the staff lounge. Your apron is waiting for you in the staff lounge... I hope it fits. If it doesn't, let me know. Take it home and decorate it if you want. The staff lounge is across the hall by the way. I'll see you Monday.

She gets up from her chair and heads our the door.

Thank you!!! Byeee.

She heads out the door, of the building skipping away down the street. Ian and Aiden were right next to the interviewing room hiding behind the door.

Did she really just get hired? That easily? Replacing our Ol' Stanton?

So, who's gonna train her?


Well shoot

Only a four day turnaround to get a new member on the staff, as Lewis Stanton was killed on the 1st. He was one of the most passionate and skilled worker at the shop. The new worker was extremely enthusiastic about her job, and would become even more skilled than Lewis, rasing the standards for good coffee. It's now just a matter of time.

Received Money
You received 1 Gold Credit from Phillip Sloan


Could you have been any more late?
Sry, I wasn't planning on losing a gold
uknow it's not easy to get that kind money

nmsafi34uuh... Can't ... Sleep...

Matt finds it hard to sleep when there's light. So does the majority of the population. Ever since 468, sleep masks have been selling at an all time high. Matt, of course, doesn't have one. They didn't make child ones, for whatever reason, and Matt wanted to change that.

For the time being, a hat will have to do.