june 5th: the j

It was quite late, but not too late that it was going to be closed. Ben was walking down Central Avenue of the city. He comes to the door of the building, with it's large blue neon sign saying, "the j."

He waits a second, admiring the sign and how it hasn't worn down since it opening of it, and opens the door.

Hey-a JJ!

What's up man? Here, have an Orange Juice! On th' house.

They're healthy and delicious~~ 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Ben and Harmony clink their glasses of fresh orange juice, and drink with bright smiles. While Ben isn't the type to be so happy when drinking orange juice, something about Harmony's happy aura really gets to him.

I'll have a glass of Dark Blood

Out'a Stock.

Damn, then I'll take the Salted Water.

A'ight. of course she picks that.

He goes to the back to get the Salted Water.

I haven't seen you two in a while. You look as happy as ever, Moni.

・゚’★,。・: Positivity ✨ Rules~~ *:・゚’☆ 👍 ✨・゚ ( ˙▿˙ )

It's been going eh. Tbh dealing with her is fun but sometimes annoying. Always something new to do.

The Bar Master comes back with a single salt shaker. Harmony's happy face turns a little more neutral as she thought there wasn't such a thing as Salted Water. There is, and that's the wonder of The J shown once again.

A'ight, took long 'nough to find this. I've 'ever done one of these in all my years, so you tell me how much salt.

He puts a shake of salt.

That good?

Keep going...

A couple more shakes go by.

I said Salted Water. KEEP GOING

At least ten more shakes of salt come out.

So Ben, you've been living on your own now?

Yeah Yeah. Sounds like a total fun fest, but nah girl. I'm all th' way out by 15th Street. And you know work's at 8th, so long distance.

15th street? Th' one by th' power plant? It's so hard to sleep out there with all th' noise.

Not many other options when you make 90 Silv a day.

There's more salt than water.

You done J? Because I don't see enough salt.

I think I'ma break some legal 'imit.

(There is no legal limit on salt content in a drink, as most people don't use it)

Fuck this, fuck you.

Aria has always been called a madman, and event's like these show that. She takes the top of the shaker off so she can dump all the salt in the water.

Σ(°△°|||)︴Ari, isn't that a bit... much?~

A bit much water!

She takes a large sip.

Good enough, want some?

Harmony takes a sip. By Aria's standards, it wasn't really a sip, more like "touching the liquid with your tongue".

wahhh~~ so saltyy (⇀‸↼‶)
Please don't drink more of that, Ari.

Aria chugs the Salted Water. Everyone in the J is speechless.

Did you say something, sis?


I really don't understand you at all.

He takes a few more sips and finishes the orange juice. Everyone else is silent.

Yeah, there's my daily dose of insanity for me. I'm gonna head home so I can get some rest.

Byee~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)/

Good job, Aria. Y' scared ma Ben away. Want'd to talk more about his life, b'cuz that 15th Street ain't no joke. Charging you double for that and all th' salt.

Whatever man. He'll be back tomorrow.

While the J was almost always open, she'd have said that even if it wasn't going to be open. That's just who she was.

Those girls are so different, are they really sisters? They both have in common their own way of being weird.

Ben proceeded to walk to his house, just a few miles away.

The weather outside was getting warmer over time. It was June after all, but the yearly temperatures keep rising, and this year was no exception. Record highs have already been hit, but we're not even into the official start of summer yet.