june 7th: scrambled eggs

They weren't much, but they were what they had. Never expect a 5 star meal, or even a good meal, when you're using the low quality eggs that are always on sale, and probably expired.

Why's it always this shit. No way in hell these are eggs.

To make the experience worse, the eggs were overcooked and salted way too much. It wasn't entirely his fault, but Skyler had no idea how to cook, only half-following tutorials he found on WatchNow.

Looks like someone doesn't know how to cook at all.

Skyler bites his tongue, preventing himself from snapping back, surely resulting in a beating. Andrea rolls her words and speaks slowly, speaking like a platinare.

Told you we should of never let him cook. Haha. He barely even knows how to put a piece of bread in the toaster.

His parents sit at the table with him, eating off styrofoam plates that's been eaten off multiple times now.

Sorry sir.

Just do better next time and you won't have to apologize.

Finally learning something I see.

Do you want to live tomorrow?

Yes, sir.

He lies through his teeth.

Do you want to live in this house tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

He says again through his teeth.

Good boy...

Robert pats Skyler on the head like he's his dog. For how he's treated, he very well could be considered one.

Life for many wasn't sunshine and rainbows. Having a child is a decision that has no undo button, and the Burns household has been burned for not being able to pay for food and all their bills. The modern world of tech never addressed how people like these would be able to survive without the essential technologies. They end up having to take loans which end up making them lose even more money. But hey, now they can actually manage their money, with the Money App, which was built into all phones.

Before the wide adoption of the Universal Currency System, it was a much simpler time. All you needed to was take the coins, and trade the coins. Coins could be robbed, forged, or destroyed for metal. Unlike certain coins in the world, the coins in Aderas were worth more than their raw materials, so there was no point in destroying any. That leaves theft and fake coins a worrying problem, and one without a clear solution.

Make shit like this again, you're out.

He gets up from his chair, scraping the chair legs across the floor, vibrating the whole house, if you could even call it that. He throws his plate across the countertop, it slides off the other end, by the time it hits the ground, he's already in the other room on the couch.

Want to clean that up son?

He asks it as if Skyler even had a choice.

Yes sir.

Good boy.

Oh shit. Voting ends today!

It's June already?!

We gotta get in before they close!

Having forgotten about the vote, Mr. and Mrs. Burns would have to rush to get to the polls at the last possible moment, except the polls had closed the day prior, and school had started. Unknowing of their fate, they leave the house and begin their journey, leaving the front door unlocked; not that the lock would do anything.

The two get in the car, a machine that looks more like a pile of scrap metal painted blue. It works, and new cars cost a lot, so why replace it. They were saving their money, and close to paying off their debts, giving them even less a reason to upgrade meaningless things like their car or home. When they finally pay off the debts and gather enough money, the Burns family will increase their quality of life dramatically. With that plan, they definitely wanted to vote for the person who would help them win, John Johnson IV.

Where's the school even?

uhm, Lincoln Avenue?

Real helpful. There's at least ten other streets that cross it. Expect me to snap my fingers and instantly know where it is.

Andrea pulls out her phone and starts looking at it.

What the hell are you doing?

Finding the place. What does it look like?

Not with that you aren't. Using handheld electronic devices in manual drive vehicles is prohibited. Put that down before you get us both arrested.

Does it look like I care. Now shut your gob before you make me crash.


She puts down the phone and makes a left turn onto 12th Street, cutting off two cars, almost hitting another. She skids the wheels, she almost loses control until she runs up the curb a little.

They pull into the parking lot of the school, the entire place is filled.

Look at all these idiots, voting on the last day.

Andrea pulls the car into the fire lane of the school. They hop out and yank at the front door.


A voice comes from the external speaker on the door. It has a camera that blinks red.

Is this some sort of joke. Let us in. We're late.

Reason of presence?

Listen here smartass. You damn well know why we're here. Now you're gonna let us it or else.

Or else... what?

Let us in or I'll smash each and every one of your windows.

Come on in.

The door unlocks with a click and Robert storms inside. He enters the office and heads straight back to where the administrator offices are. They've been there so they know where Principle Joseph Davidson's office is.


He storms into his office, slamming the door behind him on his wife.

You're gonna tell me what the deal was out there or I'll have you fired at a moment's notice.

Joseph smiles.

Wipe that damn smile off your face before I do it for you.

A knock comes at the door. Robert opens it, and in comes Andrea, shuffling in.


Tell you what. Let's do it the easy way. Go get your manager.

Joseph smile grows.

Sure. One second.

He gets up from his office chair, turns around in a circle, and sits back down.

Hi, Principle Joseph Davidson of South High School. How can I help?

We. are. here. to. VOTE

A short pause, then Joseph laughs. A longer pause follows.

The 7th is Counting Day. Voting is closed, guys.


Skyler, still at home, is knowing skipping school today. A reason isn't required for not attending school for a day, and that is certainly the case today. Bonus: his parents aren't home again.

At home playing ranked Battlecell on his laptop, quite skilled at playing a first-person shooter with a trackpad. No one at school believes he is the actual person behind hide screen name __SKIB__, a compression of his real name. He's never shown anyone his gameplay in person, and why would anyone believe someone in the top 30 was this 16 year old kid.

Life feels good when you don't have people treating you like a pet, but then again it's no way to survive. Skyler takes in his alone time on his computer, as it's the calmest and most peaceful time he'll have for the next few days.

We're Home.

Andrea and Robert do not realize that Skyler should be at school. They wouldn't care either way. In fact, with him home, they can—

Is lunch ready for us?

No, si- Ma'am.

Did you just .. Nevermind, I'm too hungry to care. sudo Make me a sandwich.

Yes, Ma'am.

Don't call me that, you make me sound old.