june 8th: board meeting

The votes were counted, and the results were in. The winner John Johnson IV, and he now enters an internal meeting with other government members. Meanwhile, many people are upset by the election.

What the hell! This guy actually won?

Dennis was clearly angry.

Surprised me too, Den. But hey, I guess it's what the people wanted.

There is no way Johnson won. Everyone was against him on everything on WhatsNow.

You're right. But it's not like you can rig the polls, right?


Their shop was filled with products, yet no one came in. It's usually that way, the demand for film technology wasn't super high. Whenever anyone wants any high quality hardware, this shop is the only place you'll find it at. In the entire world; no one doubts the quality of the stuff from the cheesy name "Cameras! Cameras! Cameras!", also known online as Cam3.shop.

We always study the old history, but today we have a piece of new history that I really want to have a discussion with. I'm sure you all know the Election results.

Who was it? I wasn't paying attention to it.

Really!? It was like ALL over the socials; Johnson won by the way.

Who even voted for Johnson?

I wouldn't!

OMG Same! He's garbage.

Wait, are any of you against Sam. That puts us all on the same page, and doesn't really make a good discussion. Oh, what about you, Carlos?

Yeah, same as the rest.

Well then. Let's just get into our class topic. Just going to do some final review on our Ancient Manguil Unit.

There is one boy in the back who didn't speak at all, but he normally doesn't speak. He wears a grey hoodie, and an green cap with an unknown symbol on it. Almost always silent, his personality remains mystery at the school. Mr. Adams is used to that behavior from him, so he doesn't nag him like he does to Carlos.

Congratulations, Admin Johnson.

Thank You

So you're now the "Man in charge," but you already know what that really means for you.

Yes, I was informed.

Hold on. First, no one outside the operation could possibly come in here?

Yeah, we sent Doug out for "weapon testing", Larry is sick, Carl is doing some other thing somewhere. We're good.


Wait, an operation.

Don't worry about the details. You're Lead Admin of Aderas. Follow the rules as per your deal.


Admin Johnson wasn't fully aware of what these other government people wanted to do. He still isn't, and he won't ever know.

The 3 masterminds in this year's administration have also been a part of the last 5 years' ones. They are not publicly known, and keep their intentions extremely secretive. Every year, they find a new person to be the face of the nation, and hide behind them for their own collective gain.

Alright. So I can now do whatever. Cool.

For the most part, yes. You should start by working to put in place the policies you've been pushing for.

Oh, those. Well, the thing is... that...

Just put them in place.

I'm gonna be making a couple of adjustments to them. Is that fine?



Ok. I think we're good now. We should probably stay in here for another 10 minutes or so, just to keep suspicion low.

The three don't seem very professional, but to them it doesn't matter. Their agenda is advancing.

Can I vent for a second?

Does my answer even matter?

Not really...

She takes a deep breath in. And pulls out her phone to the Election's result web page.


Yeah that. I didn't vote. I hate politics. Maybe if you lived your life without them you'd find happiness. I also heard love does that too, but I cannot confirm that for you.

True to th' bone. I'm no political man.

He and Emma high five.

Soo.... who won? I never saw it anywhere.